Best Budget Xmas Presents Post!

For this years Christmas, my family and I decided that we’d keep it to a relatively sensible Christmas in terms of spending. So, we set a limit of €40 per person and it meant that when buying presents that you had to take more time in considering what to get and not just look for an expensive perfume or aftershave because that would have blown the budget in one swoop!

For the most part the budgets were kept, and while I sent a few suggestions of presents that might be good, I also got some presents which were great because they were both very thoughtful and also quite inexpensive!

As I opened them I was thinking that it’s great that those around me know me so well, and I wanted to capture the feeling before it goes too far past Christmas. So, here is a round up of the presents that I got!

First up, two comedy DVDs, which I had spotted in Dealz for only €1.50!!! One euro fifty! As someone who has a big collection of DVDs, and who commonly would buy a stand up DVD for upwards of €15-€20, this is amazing value! I for Kevin Bridges live and Stephen Merchant Hello Ladies!

Kevin Bridges is a comedy genius, he has such a relaxed style about him, he kinda takes you by stealth with his jokes and stories! The accent helps a lot also for me, but the content of this standup is fantastic! We watched it on Xmas day and it was brilliant! Particularly like the stuff about trying to organize a night out amongst friends, where one friend tries to “sell” the idea of the night out like a promoter would, to their other mates!

For Stephen Merchants DVD, some people have said to me that they really disliked it, but I’ve seen it before and it did make me laugh a lot, and I watched this DVD on Stephens Day and again it made me laugh a lot. I love Merchants style and awkward character he plays and his self deprecating stuff is brilliant.

Next up, another DVD! As a Liverpool fan, when I saw this in OMG Galway (Zhivagos), I was straight onto it, asking Julia to spread the word that this was on my ‘must have’ list! I watched it on Stephens Day also and it’s a brilliant watch. Nostalgia mixed with lots of poignancy and emotions make it a great watch, not just for Liverpool fans but for football fans also. It obviously deals with the Hillsborough issue, which is something that affected people on a political, sporting and personal level and is something which transcends sport.

The next present was the manic Street Preachers album “Everything Must Go” on CD. It was an album that I always thought about buying but never got around to it. Possibly through fear of disappointment, I would never follow through with the purchase! Again, this was something I spotted in Dealz, and again it was an amazing €1.50! Man, if this shop was around when I was a kid, I’d have saved so much money!!! Listening to the album it stands up so well! Great tracks on it.

Next present was a result of my love of retro stuff! I have an Amiga 500 which I got as a Xmas present with my sister in the early 1990s and I’m a little obsessed with all things Amiga! So what I got was a set of Amiga themed playing cards, which is pretty amazing, and it came with an Amiga pen and sticker, which was a nice bonus!

Continuing along the retro theme, I got an issue of Retro Gamer! When I’m in town, I always pop into Easons to check the magazine section to see if there’s a new issue of Retro Gamer, and I guess it’s something that Julia picked up on and so it was another really thoughtful present!

Next up is something which combines a few of my loves: tea, Abba and Partridge! I’m an unashamed Abba fan and have no qualms saying it! A lot of people try to slag you off if you say that you like Abba, but come on! You can’t argue with the quality of their music! I spotted the mug in Easons and the slogan “Take A Chance On Tea” immediately reminded me of the dance sequence Partridge does in his KMKY TV series and I posted a photo of it on Facebook, which obviously was picked up by Julia!

I’m a fan of Star Wars, I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan, or that I know all that there is to know but I do really enjoy the films. Obviously the prequels are a load of pants and a huge missed opportunity, but the three originals are great and I’ve really enjoyed the new installments. That explains the next presents, a Storm Trooper Soap On A Rope, and Star Wars socks!

I’m travelling to Slovakia soon for a week to spend a few days in a cabin in the Tatra mountains surrounded by snow and foxes with Julia, and ahead of that, one of the presents I got was a really handy travel bag with travel size cosmetic accessories, which is apparently suitable to use in hand baggage!

I’m a big fan of most things retro, and so when I saw a Casio digitial watch in Argos a couple of years ago, I bought it straight away! Unfortunately I wore it a bit too much and ended up breaking the strap while playing 5 aside football, and so for a while I was watchless! It must not have gone unnoticed because under the tree was another little beauty waiting for me! Delighted with it! Note to self: be less aggressive in football!

Last but not least, let me just say I am a huge Transformers fan! As a kid, the cartoon was like a religion to me! Even the Michael bay remakes, I know they’re terrible, but a part of me still can’t help but like them! The present I got was a USB key of the transformer “Ravage”, which you may remember was one of the transformers which would be sent out by Soundwave, who was a robot that would transform into a walkman! How 1980s can you get! Now, I have to say I was always on the side of the Autobots in Transformers, but I absolutely love this present even if it is a Decepticon!

So that’s the end of the presents! I love the fact that they are all pretty inexpensive but are all really thoughtful and for sure next year, I will be pushing for a similar style Christmas present budget. I know it sounds corny, but Christmas shouldn’t really be about spending endless amounts of money on each other, and this year, while we didn’t spend loads of money, we did spend a lot of time together as a family which felt a lot more special than getting a PS4…but obviously if I got a PS4 I wouldn’t complain! 😉

I hope you enjoyed the read and if you have any other suggestions of presents you’d have loved, let me know, or if there’s any presents you got which you really loved, let me know.

I have a few ideas of posts I want to do in my blog, but if there’s anything you’d like me to talk about, get in touch!

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